Office-Based Surgery

Office-based surgery (OBS) is a growing trend in the healthcare industry. OBS refers to surgical procedures that are performed in a physician’s office or other non-hospital facility. These surgeries are becoming more popular due to the many benefits they offer both patients and physicians. The Aesthetic Associates Centre has a fully accredited office based surgery which was established in 1989.

Safety, Convenience, Cost Saving, Office Based SurgeryFirst and foremost, office-based surgery is more convenient for patients. Unlike traditional hospital-based surgeries, patients do not have to navigate through a large hospital or wait in long lines for their procedure. They can simply arrive at the physician’s office and be in and out quickly. This convenience also means that patients can schedule their surgeries more easily and can often be accommodated sooner than they would in a hospital setting.

Office-based surgery also tends to be less expensive than hospital-based surgery. Because the physician’s office or outpatient facility does not have the same overhead costs as a hospital, the fees for OBS procedures are typically lower. This cost savings can be significant for patients, especially those without insurance or with high deductibles.

Another benefit of OBS in a QuadA (American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery) approved facility is the increased level of safety and quality. The American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery is a leading organization that accredits office-based surgical facilities. The QuadA accreditation is given to facilities that meet the highest standards for patient safety and quality. QuadA approved facilities are required to meet rigorous standards for equipment, facilities, and staff qualifications. This means that patients can have confidence in the safety and quality of care they receive in an OBS setting.
Office-based surgery can also lead to faster recovery times for patients. Patients who have surgery in a physician’s office or outpatient facility tend to have fewer complications and shorter hospital stays. This is because OBS procedures are typically less invasive and require less anesthesia than hospital-based surgeries. Patients are often able to return to their daily activities sooner and with less discomfort.

Finally, office-based surgery can be more personalized and patient-focused than hospital-based surgery. Because OBS procedures are performed in a physician’s office or outpatient facility, physicians have more control over the environment and can tailor the experience to the patient’s needs. This can include things like personalized care plans, one-on-one attention from staff, and a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.
In conclusion, office-based surgery in a QuadA approved facility offers many benefits for patients and physicians alike. From convenience and cost savings to increased safety and quality, OBS procedures are becoming an increasingly popular option for patients seeking surgical care. If you are considering a surgical procedure, talk to your Dr. Samuel Shatkin Jr. about whether OBS might be right for you.

Dr. Samuel Shatkin Jr., has been performing OBS in his QuadA accredited facility since 1989. The facility focuses on Elective Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. When hospital based surgery is required, he is on staff at many local hospitals to accommodate more involved procedures.

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