Non-Surgical Skin Treatment Options For Beautiful Skin

Are you looking to enhance your natural beauty? While surgical skin treatments can be transformative, they leave many with second thoughts due to their invasiveness. Thanks to advancements in skincare technology, non-surgical skin treatment can offer the same or better results as more extensive skincare procedures without all the steps and discomfort. Cosmetic injectables, for example, have revolutionized facial rejuvenation by providing non-surgical solutions to address volume loss, wrinkles, and fine lines. Aesthetic enhancement procedures like dermal fillers, microneedling, facials, and laser treatment allow individuals to achieve cosmetic goals without invasive surgeries.

What Types of Non-Surgical Skin Treatments Are Available?

Non-Surgical Skin Treatment in Buffalo, NY | Fillers | Microneedling

At Aesthetic Associates Centre, Medspa services begin with a comprehensive skin assessment. Using this information, our skilled team designs your personalized treatment plan, which may incorporate laser devices and injectables to improve skin conditions and minimize lines and wrinkles. At our medical spa, we can treat wrinkles or “crow’s feet” around the eyes, smile lines, frown lines, signs of aging, textured skin, double chins, thin and uneven lips, and other cosmetic concerns.

Our non-surgical treatments include:

  • Injectables: Injectables like dermal fillers, Botox®, and Kybella® help to improve facial features or reduce signs of aging and wrinkles.
  • Laser treatment: Laser treatments can help rejuvenate your face, neck, chest, and hands for an even complexion and youthful appearance. This treatment utilizes intense pulses of light to target and improve skin texture, reducing blemishes like vascular and pigmented lesions while enhancing skin tone and overall appearance.
  • Microneedling: This treatment effectively reduces common signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles, as well as acne scars. Using the SkinPen device, this procedure creates micro-punctures in the skin, triggering the body’s natural healing process for rejuvenation.
  • Facials/Peels: We offer an array of advanced skincare treatments, including PCA facial peels, Environ® active vitamin facial, Cynosure® IPL photofacial, acne facial, and TriaWave MediFacial. These treatments address diverse skin concerns and allow us to provide tailored solutions for radiant and healthy skin.

What Kind of Treatment Is Right for Me?

The treatments that are right for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. When you book a consultation at our medspa, we will thoroughly assess your skin, discuss your concerns, and design a treatment plan to best achieve your goals.


At Aesthetic Associates Centre, we offer various types of injectables. Botox injections offer a safe, non-invasive way to reduce wrinkles and lift facial areas like brows and eyes. Results appear within a week, lasting up to six months. Using hyaluronic acid gel, JUVÉDERM® and Restylane® fillers hydrate and restore volume to combat signs of aging. These dermal fillers can last up to 18 months. They are also biocompatible, reduce allergic reactions, and can be repeated. Both treatments effectively target fine lines and wrinkles, each with unique benefits and features.

A different type of injectable, Kybella®, targets fat beneath the chin to address “double chin.” The acid in the injection gradually attacks and destroys fat cells to reduce the appearance of the skin under the chin. This treatment is long-lasting but may take multiple sessions to achieve desired results.


Microneedling is beneficial if you’re worried about issues like enlarged pores, fine lines, loose or textured skin, mild scarring, discoloration, and uneven skin tone. At Aesthetic Associates Centre, we offer FDA-approved SkinPen treatment and Morpheus8 radiofrequency microneedling. This procedure remodels and contours the face and body, providing a smoother appearance for all skin tones. The fine needles and minimally invasive punctures make microneedling suitable for addressing wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, surgical scars, and more without discomfort or more invasive treatments.

Facials and Chemical Peels

Facials and chemical peels are reliable options for enhancing the appearance of your skin. A facial involves cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating, and other customized elements to add hydration or reduce dark spots, oil production, and the appearance of pores. Chemical peels use acids to reveal smoother, more youthful skin by targeting wrinkles, acne scars, and sun damage. However, chemical peels may not suit all patients due to potential risks like hyperpigmentation in darker complexions or redness in sensitive skin. No matter your need, our center offers customized treatments to accommodate diverse skin concerns.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Another non-surgical skin treatment is laser skin resurfacing, a safe, precise procedure that delivers comprehensive benefits in as little as one session. As a form of skin rejuvenation, our FDA-approved laser reduces wrinkles, improves scars, evens skin tone, minimizes pores, and tightens skin. It is an effective and worthwhile investment for overall skin enhancement. Additionally, we offer non-ablative skin resurfacing that offers beautiful results with no downtime.

Why Should I Choose Non-Surgical Skin Treatment?

Non-surgical skin treatment achieves quick results with minimal downtime and offers numerous additional benefits. These procedures are popular because they are relatively painless and non-invasive. You can skip the discomfort and eliminate the need for anesthesia. There is also very little post-treatment discomfort. Unlike facelifts, which involve incisions that may cause bruising or tenderness, injectables and other non-invasive treatments facilitate beautiful transformation without long recovery times. Non-surgical skin treatments yield quick results, often visible immediately or within days, offering a subtle, natural-looking enhancement that can make you feel years younger.

Talk to Us About Skin Treatment Options

If you want to unveil radiant and youthful skin without an invasive procedure, treatments like injectables, microneedling, laser therapy, facials, or peels may be right for you.

Aesthetic Associates Centre offers an array of non-invasive procedures, making beautiful skin and facial aesthetics achievable without surgery. Dr. Samuel Shatkin Jr. and his team have dedicated over 30 years to delivering exceptional care for patients with diverse needs. Schedule a consultation today to learn how we can transform your skin!

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