Choosing The Best Plastic Surgeon

When it comes to aesthetic procedures, making the right decision on your healthcare provider is crucial. After all, the best plastic surgeon for your procedure should provide an optimal balance of skill, experience, and patient care. Let’s discuss the essential factors to consider when selecting your plastic surgeon.

The first thing you should look for in your search for the best plastic surgeon should always be board certification. Why? This validation confirms that the surgeon has received specialized training in plastic surgery and adheres to rigorous standards for patient safety and ethics. Dr. Samuel Shatkin Jr., MD, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon practicing at the Aesthetic Associates Centre in Amherst, NY, exemplifies this standard of excellence.

Choosing The Best Plastic Surgeon | Dr. Samuel Shatkin Jr., MDNext, consider experience, specifically, how many years the surgeon has been in practice, and their area of specialization. Since completing his Plastic Surgery Training in 1989, Dr. Shatkin has been in private practice, focusing on areas of Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery that include Eyelift and Facelift, Facial Rejuvenation, Nasal Surgery, Body contouring and Mommy Makeover tummy, and Cosmetic Breast Surgery.

Another aspect to consider when choosing the best plastic surgeon is their approach to patient care. Dr. Shatkin specializes in ‘Combination Rejuvenation’, a customized approach that might include multiple modalities to ensure you look your best.

Reviews are an excellent window into past patient experiences. Look for consistent positive reviews that highlight not just the surgeon’s skill, but also their bedside manner, staff, and overall patient experience. Dr. Shatkin’s 600+ positive reviews from satisfied patients speak volumes about his exceptional commitment to patient care.

Qualifications also play an integral role in choosing the best plastic surgeon. Awards and recognitions, for instance, can provide a snapshot of a surgeon’s reputation within the medical community. Dr. Shatkin is a leader in his field, named one of “America’s Best Plastic Surgeons” in 2022, for the second year running. This recognition places him amongst the top 349 selected Plastic Surgeons among nearly 12,000 across the USA.

What sets Dr. Shatkin apart further is his unique recognition by the American Association of Hospitality Sciences with the coveted 5-Star Diamond Award, the only Plastic Surgeon worldwide to receive this honor. Additionally, he is the only Medical Doctor to have received the esteemed Buffalo-Niagara Business Ethics Award in 2017.

Ultimately, when selecting the best plastic surgeon for you, you should feel confident and comfortable in their care. Dr. Samuel Shatkin Jr., MD, with his distinguished career, exceptional patient care, and unwavering commitment to excellence, sets a high benchmark in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. To experience his exemplary service, schedule an appointment at the Aesthetic Associates Centre in Amherst, NY.

Remember, your journey to enhancing your appearance should be handled with the utmost care, precision, and professionalism. With the right guidance, the process of choosing the best plastic surgeon can be straightforward and rewarding. Trust the experts, trust the certified, and trust the experienced. Trust Dr. Samuel Shatkin Jr., MD to help you become your best self. Schedule a consultation today.

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