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Arm Lift

In Buffalo and Western New York, Dr. Shatkin performs Arm Lift, which is also know as Brachioplasty.

An upper arm lift, or brachioplasty, reshapes the upper arm to tighten loose skin and remove fat that often creates a “bat wing” appearance under the arm. Removing the excess skin caused by weight loss or natural aging can tighten loose skin that extends from the underarm area to the elbow; liposuction is sometimes used in combination to achieve the best results.

What you need to know about Arm Lift

What will my upper arm lift incisions and scars be like?

Upper arm lift scars vary depending on the amount of excess tissue you have and the elasticity of your skin. Even patients who undergo a standard brachioplasty, which results in larger scars, are usually quite satisfied with the results.

  • Liposuction

Because liposuction incisions are small, the scars are also small. Most liposuction scars fade and are barely perceptible over time.

  • Limited-incision brachioplasty

Your scars will most likely be limited to the underarm areas.

  • Standard brachioplasty

Incisions are generally placed on the inside of the arm and may extend from the underarm (axilla) to just above the elbow.

  • Extended brachioplasty

The standard brachioplasty incision is extended along the arm down to the body to correct loose skin and fatty tissue under the arm area.

The arm lift incision can extend from the elbow to the arm pit and sometimes to the side of the chest.


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