A 4D Facelift ℠ Gives You Age-Defying Beauty

As time passes, visible changes in our skin become inevitable. Various factors contribute to how our skin ages, including lifestyle choices, diet, genetics, and personal habits. Smoking, for instance, generates free radicals that harm cells, causing premature wrinkles. However, thanks to advancements in surgical and non-surgical skin treatments, we can halt and counteract signs of aging better than ever before. One of the most common cosmetic procedures is a facelift, which can redefine and rejuvenate your natural beauty. This transformative procedure can restore confidence, accentuate features, and reveal a radiant, refreshed version of yourself. With innovative treatments like the 4D facelift ℠ at the Aesthetic Associates Centre, we can help you regain a youthful glow.

When Should I Get a Facelift?  4D Facelift in Buffalo, NY | Plastic Surgery | MedSpa Treatments

Patients often wonder about the optimal timing for a facelift. Contrary to popular belief, age isn’t a defining factor for facelift eligibility. While typical ages for this procedure range from 40 to 65, anyone experiencing sagging skin or wrinkles can benefit. Tailored techniques, guided by Dr. Shatkin’s 35 years of experience, ensure a treatment aligned with your goals. Plus, facelift treatments often work well with other cosmetic options to address multiple facial concerns.

Our comprehensive treatments are designed not only for physical enhancements but also to restore our patients’ confidence. Beyond achieving visible changes, improvements in self-esteem and newfound feelings of empowerment are important outcomes that drive our treatment plans.

4D Facelift ℠ Explained: What Is It and How It Can Help You

Dr. Shatkin and his skilled team advocate for “combination rejuvenation,” addressing surface skin changes and looseness related to aging. Achieving these results often involves pre-surgical skin treatments, ensuring the best possible outcome. Dr. Statkin’s 4D Facelift ℠ merges surgical and non-surgical techniques to combat signs of aging in three steps. This innovative procedure is the culmination of Dr. Shatkin’s three decades of experience in plastic surgery and MedSpa treatments. The process comprehensively tackles loose skin, lost volume, and surface flaws through a meticulously designed approach:

  1. Two-layer lift: The first step focuses on the outer skin and its deeper layers, including muscles and fascia—a tough connective tissue layer. The procedure lays a firm foundation by tightening and repositioning these structures, reducing sagging and creating smoother contours.
  2. Volume restoration: Aging can lead to gradual volume loss in the face. The 4D Facelift ℠ involves manipulating the body’s fascia to restore this lost volume, giving a plumper, more youthful appearance.
  3. Surface treatment: Tailored to individual needs, this step addresses skin imperfections, fine lines, and wrinkles. Techniques like laser skin resurfacing and microneedling stimulate collagen production, enhancing skin firmness and smoothness.

In the 4D Facelift ℠ procedure, Dr. Shatkin skillfully elevates and repositions facial and neck skin, delivering a natural and rejuvenated appearance. Frequently, he combines the 4D Facelift ℠ with other cosmetic procedures like eyelift and browlift for comprehensive facial enhancement.

Your 4D Facelift ℠ Is Tailored to Your Needs

Skin aging is a result of two key factors. The first is referred to as intrinsic aging. Determined largely by genetics, intrinsic aging results in natural changes like an increase in facial lines and a decrease in youthful fullness. Extrinsic aging, caused by environmental influences and lifestyle choices, accelerates this process. Aging is an inevitable journey, but advancements in facial aesthetics allow us to reverse its tell-tale signs, leaving you looking as young as you feel.

Thanks to treatments like the 4D Facelift ℠, we no longer have to witness the daily reminders of passing years on our skin. This comprehensive and tailor-made procedure allows us to rewrite the story of aging. A standard facelift can target many concerns, from deep wrinkles and poor elasticity to sagging cheeks and jowls. 4D Facelifts ℠ improve upon standard facial rejuvenation practices by integrating techniques that facilitate multidimensional transformations.

With its multi-stage approach, the 4D Facelift ℠ offers incredible customization and caters to various signs of aging. During your consultation, Dr. Shatkin and his team will evaluate your needs and discuss your concerns. With your unique needs and preferences in mind, Dr. Shatkin will design your personalized 4D Facelift ℠ treatment plan.

While the 4D Facelift ℠ uses both surgical and non-surgical approaches, individuals looking for non-invasive treatments can find compelling alternatives in our MedSpa services, although these treatments are not as long-lasting. Non-invasive and minimally invasive anti-aging treatments using lasers, injectables, microneedling, and facial peels can enhance skin quality, restore volume, and diminish lines and wrinkles.

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Begin a transformative journey to rejuvenate your appearance with Dr. Samuel Shatkin Jr. at the Aesthetic Associates Centre. As a board-certified plastic surgeon with 35 years of experience, Dr. Shatkin brings a wealth of expertise to every procedure, ensuring precise and personalized care tailored to each patient’s unique aesthetic goals.

His expertise extends across various areas, from eyelifts and 4D Facelift ℠ to body contouring and cosmetic breast surgery. Dr. Shatkin is a pioneer in “combination rejuvenation,” utilizing multiple modalities to create a customized approach that enhances your natural beauty.

Ready to unveil a revitalized and lifted look? Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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