Pre and Post Op Care

     At the Aesthetic Associates Centre for Plastic Surgery in Buffalo, we have protocols to prepare and enhance the skin and body prior to facial surgery that improves the surgical procedure and speeds recovery.


Pre Op Skin Care-

Our Cosmetic Facial Surgery patients undergo pre-op assesment by our skin care team.  Typically, we prefer to begin the conditioning of the skin at least 3 weeks prior to surgery, when gentle exfoliation of the surface layers of the skin will be performed, followed by a home care regimen including Vitamin and Nutrient products to allow for hydration of the skin and improved elasticity.  If more time pre op is available, the patient will undergo a routine of collagen induction therapy (CIT) utilizing Microneedling, Laser therapy and Radio Frequency, along with LED light Therapy.

One week prior to facial surgery, the patient  will visit our affiliated Tres Aurae Spa to undergo a massage by our licensed massage therapist, of the face, neck and shoulder area.  This will improve the lymphatic drainage of the face post operative, as well as stretch and relax the area musculature to allow for less stiffness both during and after surgery.  In addition, this targeted massage is an opportunity for the patient to de-stress just prior to surgery, when some patients are a bit nervous for the upcoming operation.



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