PRP in Buffalo, NY 


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PRP-Restore is a proprietary custom treatment protocol developed in Buffalo by Dr. Samuel Shatkin Jr. at the Aesthetic Associates Centre for Plastic Surgery and Advanced Skin Care.  Dr. Shatkin utilizes combination treatments to maximize the benefits of several different modalities in his arsenal of anti-aging treatments.  The foundation for these treatments is to create Collagen Induction and potentiate healing with the use of PRP- Platelet Rich Plasma which contains several growth factors and nutrients.  The PRP is isolated by drawing 2 test tubes of the patients own blood, then centrifuging the tube to differentiate the red blood cells from the plasma which contains growth factors and platelets.  The plasma is then used both topically on the surface of the skin during treatments and injected into the skin with needles to allow the important components to reach the collagen layer of the skin to help restore beauty and appearance.

Dr. Shatkin and his team utilize PRP with direct injections and in conjunction with other treatments for rejuvenation including;

1-Hair Regrowth


3-RadioFrequency treatments

4-Laser Treatments


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