S-Lift Procedure

Mini Facelift or S-Lift in Buffalo, NY

The S-Lift or Short Recovery Facelift


  In Buffalo, Dr. Shatkin has been performing his unique S-Lift  (Shatkin Lift) procedure for facial rejuvenation for many years.



Dr. Shatkin's technique of the S-Lift is a 2 layer lift, both on the skin and on the deeper muscle and fascia    layer beneath the skin, made through a shortened “S” shaped incision hiding in the creases around  the ear.  This combination external and internal lift technique allows for a quicker recovery due to the  limited dissection or lifting of the skin from the lower layers, and us these deeper layers to anchor  the lift, thus giving it stability for a longer lasting result.






 These procedures are performed in his office based surgery center under local anesthesia with  minimal sedation.  The combination of this unique surgical technique and the limited sedation, (not  general anesthesia), provides for a very short recovery.  


  His patients return to the office the day after surgery for removal of bandages and that day can    shower and shampoo their hair.  Usually within 3-5 days most of the stitches are removed, many are  self-dissolving and by one week the patients can often return to work.  This quick recovery allows for  less downtime and less dependence on family and friends.  The S-lift can often be combined with  ancillary procedures such as fillers and eyelifts when indicated.  



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