Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty - Nose Surgery in Buffalo, NY

Rhinoplasty, or Nose surgery has been performed by Dr. Shatkin in Buffalo New York since 1989.  He performs the procedure in his office surgery center and in the hospital when needed.  

Rhinoplasty is a procedure for reshaping of the nose related to cosmetic concerns or following injury. Nose surgery can help with the following:

  • Create better balance for the face and nose proportions.
  • Reshape and sculpt to refine the appearance either to make smaller or in some cases to add to features.
  • Reduce a large or disproportioned hump on the nose.
  • Straighten a crooked nose or reduce a bulbous tip.
  • Recreate balance and restore after injury.
  • Trim or shape the tip of the nose when bulky or bulbous
  • Improve the airway with septal surgery during rhinoplasty. (may be covered by insurance)

General Procedure

The nasal surgery, rhinoplasty, performed by Dr. Shatkin lasts approximately 2 hours. When minor reshaping or trimming of the tip is needed, (tip rhinoplasty) a shorter operation is required.  Dr. Shatkin has a unique technique that he has revised over the years, under his training as a fellow in Plastic Surgery in Memphis, TN as well as his experience learning from his mentor and father, Dr. Samuel Shatkin Sr., which has allowed him to customize his operation for each patient. 

Dr. Shatkin uses a closed rhinoplasty technique and makes small incisions in the nostrils to perform the majority of the surgery.  This closed technique allows for quicker healing and return to normal activity.


Dr. Shatkin will have the patient return the day after the surgery to remove the plaster splint and at that point he usually places some special tape on the nose to assist in shaping and defining the nose.  The tape will stay on for about 4-5 days and removed.  At that point the patient can return to normal light activity, including work if the bruising and swelling is moderate.   Cold compresses will be used in the early post operative period to minimize swelling and bruising. Physical activity is limited for about 4 weeks, until the bones are healed and stable.

Rhinoplasty Before and After Photos- click here


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