Festoons or Malar Mounds are a condition related to lymphatic swelling in the upper cheeks near the eyelids.  Very often, festoons can be misdiagnosed as lower eyelid fat pads.  The treatment of condition of the eyelids needs to be properly assessed.

There are several components to Festoons and correction will depend on the exact cause.  If there is redundant skin and lower eyelid muscle, this can be improved with a technique which redrapes the skin over a tightened muscle.  Very often however, Festoons or Malar Pads can be treated with a non-surgical laser resurfacing.  Using aggressive CO2 laser resurfacing, the collagen and skin can tighten, and after healing, will result in a smoother, less puffy appearance. Dr. Shatkin sometimes uses a combination of surgical and non-surgical treatment to obtain optimal result.  Treatment decisions will depend on the condition and is best determined at the time of the consultation.  The typical recovery for deep laser treatments of Festoons is 10-14 days.  Redness and puffiness may persist several weeks, however, women can usually apply cover up makeup after 7-10 days to hide redness.


Pre and post op view after lower eyelid surgery


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