Breast Lift

Breast lift or Mastopexy in Buffalo, NY

In Buffalo, Dr. Shatkin is an expert surgeon providing breast lift or medically known as mastopexy, which is an operation that allows for lifting of the nipple areolar complex into a higher position and often requires tightening of the skin of the breast. The procedure allows Dr. Shatkin to tighten up the skin and allow the Breast skin to become the brassiere to support the breast.  The breast lift procedure may also be accompanied by breast augmentation when larger breast size is desired or required.


Reasons for considering a Breast Lift

1.    Breasts that have sagged or changed in position due to pregnancy or weight gain and subsequent loss

2.    Repositioning of the nipple and areola complex to a higher position and sometimes to generate symmetry with the opposite breast

3.    Bring back the natural shape, balance and contour of the breast


General procedure

The operation performed by Dr. Shatkin may take anywhere from 1 1/2 to 3 hours depending on the amount of tightening and repositioning that needs to be done.  The operation requires making incisions in the skin to reposition the nipple and the areolar complex, raise the nipple up to a higher position, and often times reducing the dimensions of the areola, along with tightening up the breast skin.  The type of mastopexy that will be required for each  patient is customized and Dr. Shatkin and his staff will cover this during the time of the consultation.

Incisions can be of three types, and will vary depending on the amount of laxity, the size of the areola and the distance that Dr. Shatkin needs to move the nipple to achieve a shapely and balanced breast. 


After the surgery patients will be wrapped in a surgical bra and will recover at home.  Dr. Shatkin and his staff will see you the day after the surgery to remove the bandages and in most cases the patients can go home and shower daily.  The patient will be required to wear a specialized support type bra after the surgery. This bra will be required to be worn by the patient for several weeks.  Complications and  risks will be discussed with the patient during the consultation, and although rare, include bleeding, infection, scarring, healing problems and sensation changes.  By following the instructions from Dr. Shatkin  and his  staff you will limit or minimize the problems that can occur.



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