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Body Lift

 Body Lift

In Buffalo the body lift is a procedure performed by Dr. Shatkin that will tighten up the loose skin that occurs from either major weight loss or following pregnancy.  The body lift procedure is also termed a belt lipectomy and is performed with the removal of skin both in the front and the back of the torso to tighten up loose skin.  It can be differentiated from abdominoplasty, in that the belt lipectomy requires skin removal circumferentially around the torso, where the tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is in the front of the abdomen only.  A body lift procedure can also be performed for the legs, the waist, the inner and outer thighs buttock or hips as needed. In many cases liposuction may also be performed at the same time.

Reasons for body lift

  1. Re-shape the torso with skin laxity
  2. Improve the contour following massive weight loss
  3. Make changes to the contour that have resulted from multiple pregnancies

General procedure

The operation for a body lift will vary among patients and Dr. Shatkin will customize the operation for the individual.  The operation generally requires making incisions in the skin in the areas where there is excess laxity and then removing the excess and tightening the skin.  The operation may take up to several hours depending on the complexity and the number of areas to be treated. 

Recovery process

Following a belt lipectomy the patient will often be required to remain in the hospital overnight. Patients typically will be discharged the next day by Dr. Shatkin. The patient will be required to remain at rest comfortably at home for several days. The patient will have drains which will be placed under the skin to allow the removal of any fluid that may collect after the surgery. The patients typically will experience mild to moderate pain which can be easily managed by oral pain medications at home.   In most cases the patients can return to their normal light activity after 1 to 2 weeks.  Dr. Shatkin will inform the patient when they can return to physical activity and exercise but typically this will occur after four weeks.

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